Forward Plastics Limited is proud to own and operate the only multi-layer co-extrusion blow-moulding (LAMICON Process) machine in New Zealand.

The Lamicon multi-layer technology builds in a thin, consistent layer of barrier material that provides an internal oxygen barrier, slowing oxygen transmission from the environment into the product. This prevents oxidization and protects the freshness, nutrition, and flavour of your product throughout the supply chain process; on the shelf and in the consumer's home.

Lamicon multi-layer bottles and jars are ideal for any application that requires an oxygen or gas transmission barrier, and have applications in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, and pesticide industries.

Lamicon containers are a superior alternative to fluorination and allow for hot fill applications not typically considered in plastic containers.

Our Lamicon multi-layer capabilities are a good example of how Forward Plastics brings expertise and capabilities together to solve unique customer needs.

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